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Through an invitation several years ago to take concert photos for Worcester Festival Choral Society, one of England's leading choral societies, Michael Whitefoot has built extensive specialist expertise in live classical concert and event photography at a range of indoor and outdoor venues.

Ensuring an unobtrusive physical approach and using his experience and advanced equipment to capture outstanding live performance images in often challenging lighting conditions, he has since become the Three Choirs Festival’s official photographer and works regularly with numerous other choirs, orchestras, agencies and concert promoters across the Three Counties.

Through these clients Michael's work has been used to convey the thrill of live classical music performance on websites, in regional and national media, for marketing and PR and on social media. To produce images have a look at this video

Michael makes images available for download using Google Drive and password protected folders. You can see testimonials from some image users here


Contact Michael if you would like access to images.