Michael has created a large image library covering most of the well known landmarks of Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire which can be used to create jigsaw puzzles. Look at the POSTCARD galleries for images.

There are many local shops who now stock these especially during the tourist season and run up to Christmas.

JHG Jigsaws in Dorset manufacture the jigsaws 

Jigsaws are available to purchase from these shops:

Worcester Tourist Office

Worcester Cathedral

Hereford Black & White House Museum

Hereford WH Smith

Malvern Tourist Office

Malvern Post Office

click on the image to see the galleries

Jigsaws are available online in limited offer:

Great Malvern (500 pieces)

Worcester Cathedral (500 pieces)

Three Choirs Festival Cathedrals (3x 500 pieces)

Hereford Old Bridge & Cathedral (1000 pieces)

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